• Fill_Suite ntegrated Business Solutions And Office Spaces

    We ensure that all facilities and services are ready, even before you arrive at your new office.

  • Efficient One-Stop Business Set-Up

    We take care of all your business needs, from company incorporation, banking, accounting and HR, to events management, creative services, travel and accommodation, so that you don’t have to.

  • Covenient Location

    Office Origin is located within Phnom Penh’s business centre, with convenient access to hotels, restaurants and cafes.

  • Office Spaces That Grow With Your Business

    Our range of premium and lifestyle memberships are designed to meet diverse business needs.

  • Access To Local And Global Oppotunities

    We help you grow your business, connecting you to companies that need your products and services. Leveraging our global business network, we link you with the right partners to expand your business in the region and around the world.

Office Origin offers a suite of facilities and services that enables businesses to enter new markets, accelerate business growth and expand their reach. We provide work space options ranging from private office spaces to co-working environments that deliver:


  •   Flexibility

  •   Convenience

  •   Efficiency

  •   Reliability

  •   Connectivity

  •   Scalability